Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Gift of the Holy Ghost

     I recently had a neat experience. My friend and I were out sharing our message with a family we met that evening. We all had a great time together. As our time there came to a close we said a prayer when we left their home. The weather was getting pretty rough and rain was begining to fall. We were close to three miles from our home and we were on foot that night. So we made our way into the dark hoping we would make it home safely. As the wind and rain increased I looked at my companion and said, "Elder, how well do you run?" He explained that he ran cross couontry in high school. so with that response we cinched up our backpacks and began our race against nature. We and all the surrounding countys that night were in a severe tornado warning and the skys were so dark that it was impossable to see where we were going. I remember thinking to myself, "it sure would be easier to make it home if it wasnt so dark." we needed light to keep us from getting lost on those back country roads. Fortunatly, because of the weather, frequent flashes of lightning were illuminating the sky. The surrounding area had just enough light to be able to see where we were going. But only for a brief  period of time. Even though that light was good, it still would have given us more direction if the light was consistantly "on". soaking wet, we eventually made it home
     This world that we are living in, is like this storm of which I have just spoken. There are many outside influences and temptations that beat upon us and blow us down. we are surrounded by a mist of darkness that makes it impossablt to see where we are going. However, our father in heaven loves us so much. we are his children. He sent us here with a guide. That is the holy ghost. Before he ascended into heaven, Christ told his apostles that he would send "The Comforter" to help guide them back to our father above. Many have felt promptings or recieved direction periodically throughout life. This is like those flashes of lightning. it helps us see where we are going for a brief period of time. It helps us make decisions, it helps keep us safe. But when we are baptized, we receive the gift of the holy ghost. To have him as our constant companion. This makes our life fully illuminated, continually, so long as we remain worthy of that companionship. It is like the difference between this storm and a clear day on the beach. I am so thankful for the Holy Ghost and that our Father in heaven cares enough to give him to us. :) 

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